Looking to get Strong Faster Resilient ? Team TCC TriFit sessions are for you!

Power Through Your Limits: Strength and Conditioning Sessions Tailored for All Levels at TCC

Tailored Training for All Levels

Whether you're a seasoned triathlete or stepping into your first training session, TCC's Trifit sessions are designed to meet you where you are. With exercises scalable to every fitness level, everyone receives the optimal training to enhance strength, endurance, and agility.

Expert Coaching

Our team of qualified coaches brings a wealth of experience in triathlon and endurance sports, ensuring that each session is impactful and tailored to your needs. With a focus on functional fitness and core strength, our coaches are here to guide you through every squat, push, and pull.

First-Timer? No Worries!

We all remember our first attempt at a new challenge and know it can be daunting. That's why our Trifit sessions are crafted to be incredibly beginner-friendly. Supported by our friendly and motivating team, you'll gain confidence and strength, mastering the fundamentals of effective training in no time.

All About the Triathlon

Beyond just workouts, we're committed to preparing you for race day with a comprehensive approach. From personalised strength training plans to strategic advice on race-day nutrition and recovery, we're here to ensure you excel in your triathlon challenges. Embrace the process and you might just find yourself surpassing your goals with strength and style!

Choose from 2 sessions

We have 2 sessions per week based at Endur Performance for you to choose from!

Two Ways To Pay

Flexible way to pay. Pay for each session at the time of booking, come and go as you, please!

Save up to 75% by paying monthly for your TRiFit Sessions, Choose from 1-2 sessions per week or even combine these sessions with our swims too!

Pay as You Go

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What people say?

As a recently self taught swimmer competing in triathlon I needed assistance to develop. Chris and Chris have been awesome in stripping back my technique and building it up with every session in a safe non threatening friendly and supportive manner. My technique and confidence are building consistently, even after a few sessions and this has shown in recent results- I would highly recommend.👌
Tim Nunn
TCC Swimmer
Highly recommend the Triathlon Coaching Company. Chris & Chris have been really helpful in improving my swimming over the last 7 months. They are so patient and also have a great sense of humour which makes training fun. Being in a regular group of swimmers and now also doing social rides has helped me to make new friends in the triathlon world. With their help I’ve gone from total beginner to almost being convinced to train for a half iron man! Maybe 🙂
Irene Lewis-Olding
TCC Swimmer

Unleash Your Potential on the Gym Floor!

With TCC’s expertly crafted Trifit sessions, every workout is a step towards excellence. Whether you’re just starting out or refining your strength and conditioning skills, we’re here to guide the way.

Tailored for All Endurance Athletes of All Skill Levels

Enhance Your Confidence & Skills

Whether you’re an experienced triathlete or just beginning your journey in strength and conditioning, our adept coaches are committed to guiding you to excellence.

From mastering fundamental body movements to executing advanced functional exercises, our focus is on ensuring a productive and enjoyable training experience.

For those new to the world of strength training, rest assured our sessions are crafted with you in mind. We understand the apprehension that can accompany those initial workouts.

That’s why our supportive team is dedicated to fostering an environment where you can comfortably hone your skills and build confidence.

Our seasoned coaches, all Level 3 Triathlon coaches with expertise in strength and conditioning, are on hand to offer bespoke drills and insights, improving your physical conditioning and overall triathlon readiness.

Embark on your journey with TCC and set the gold standard in your triathlon pursuits.

Energise Your Day with TCC!

Join TCC at Endur Performance for a dynamic 60-minute Trifit session. This morning class is designed to enhance your strength, boost your fitness, and refine your technique, setting you up for success in all your athletic endeavors. It's the perfect way to power through your training goals and supercharge your day!

Feel Supported

When athletes experience a supportive environment, it cultivates a stronger belief in their own abilities, fostering increased confidence and enhancing performance.

Our coaches are handpicked for their ability to unlock the full potential of their athletes. They are not just there to guide them towards their immediate goals, but also to impart knowledge and skills that pave the way for long-term success

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