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Dive into Success: Triathlon and Open Water Swimming Tailored for All Levels at TCC.

Tailored Training for All Levels

Whether you're a seasoned triathlete or taking your first plunge, TCC's sessions cater to all proficiency levels, ensuring everyone gets the right training.

Expert Coaching

With seasoned coaches who are also level 3 Triathlon coaches and swimming teachers, you're guaranteed to receive expert advice, customised drills, and exercises to enhance your swimming technique and overall capabilities.

First-Timer? No Worries!

We remember our first swim and know it can be a tad nerve-wracking. That's why we've made our sessions super beginner-friendly. With our supportive crew by your side, you'll be gliding through the water with confidence in no time.

All About the Triathlon

Beyond the pool, we're all about getting you race-ready. From personalised training plans to nifty race tactics, we're here to ensure you shine bright during those triathlon events. And who knows? You might just surprise yourself with what you can achieve!

Choose from 4 sessions

We have Four sessions per week based at Buckley Leisure Centre for you to choose from!

Two Ways To Pay

Flexible way to pay. Pay for each session at the time of booking, come and go as you, please!

Save up to 70% per session by subscribing to one of our swim monthly packages. Choose from 1-3 sessions per week and get savings.

Pay as You Go

Choose your swim option

Single Session

Pay as you go
£ 10 Per Session

Monthly Subscription

Access to 1 Session a week
£ 20 Per Month

Monthly Subscription

Access to 2 session per week
£ 25 Per month

Monthly Subscription

Access All Sessions
£ 35 Per Month

What people say?

As a recently self taught swimmer competing in triathlon I needed assistance to develop. Chris and Chris have been awesome in stripping back my technique and building it up with every session in a safe non threatening friendly and supportive manner. My technique and confidence are building consistently, even after a few sessions and this has shown in recent results- I would highly recommend.👌
Tim Nunn
TCC Swimmer
Highly recommend the Triathlon Coaching Company. Chris & Chris have been really helpful in improving my swimming over the last 7 months. They are so patient and also have a great sense of humour which makes training fun. Being in a regular group of swimmers and now also doing social rides has helped me to make new friends in the triathlon world. With their help I’ve gone from total beginner to almost being convinced to train for a half iron man! Maybe 🙂
Irene Lewis-Olding
TCC Swimmer

Unleash Your Potential in the Pool!

With TCC's expertly crafted sessions, every swim is a step towards excellence. Whether you're just starting out or refining your skills, we're here to guide the way.

Our Successes

Swimmers Helped
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Over 300 swimmers helped to develop their stroke and improve their love of swimming

Coach Support
1 /10

Feedback from Swim Squad Survey 2022

Tailored for Beginners​

Enhance Your Confidence & Skills


Whether you’re an experienced triathlete or just embarking on your swimming journey, our adept coaches are committed to guiding you to excellence.

From refining your stroke to navigating open waters, our focus is on ensuring a productive and enjoyable training experience.

For those new to the world of swimming, rest assured our sessions are created with you in mind. We understand the apprehension that can accompany those initial moments in the water.

That’s why our supportive team is dedicated to fostering an environment where you can comfortably hone your skills and build confidence.

Our seasoned coaches, all level 3 Triathlon coaches and swimming experts, are on hand to offer bespoke drills and insights, improving your swimming technique and overall triathlon readiness.

Embark on your journey with TCC and set the gold standard in your triathlon pursuits.

Make Waves with TCC!

Step into our welcoming swim sessions and discover a new swimming skill level. From beginners to seasoned swimmers, there's a journey for everyone.

Coaches’ Tips To Improve Your Swimming

Chris W: “Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither will your swimming! Remember that working on your skills will take time, and to rush through it will seriously limit your potential for improvements.”

Chris D: “Consistency. Practice drills slower than normal swim speed to get the most out of them.”

Kylie: “Go as often as you can each week. Frequency is more important than duration when trying to improve your technique. It’s all about the hips! Good for rotation, stemming from the hips driving the stroke, is essential. Get those feet moving! Mobile ankles and flicky toes! Remember the exhale… And RELAX”

Dive into Your Next Challenge!

Join our friendly swim sessions at TCC and unlock a world of potential. Whether you're a newbie or a pro, a splash of success is waiting for you.

Feel Supported

When athletes experience a supportive environment, it cultivates a stronger belief in their own abilities, fostering increased confidence and enhancing performance.

Our coaches are handpicked for their ability to unlock the full potential of their athletes. They are not just there to guide them towards their immediate goals, but also to impart knowledge and skills that pave the way for long-term success

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