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Tailored Fit for Optimal Performance

At TCC Endurance, our bike fitting services are delivered by experienced athletes and coaches alongside our corrective movement specialist. We aim to provide a comfortable, efficient, powerful riding position tailored to your needs.

How do our fits work?

At TCC Endurance, our bike fitting process ensures you achieve the perfect balance of comfort and performance. Here’s how it works:

Experience a personalized bike fitting at TCC Endurance, where we combine expertise, advanced technology, and a deep understanding of athlete needs to help you ride confidently and efficiently.

  • Automated Video Capture:

    Records your riding position dynamically, capturing real-time data.

  • Markerless Tracking:

    Uses AI to track key body points without physical markers.

  • Detailed Analysis and Recommendations:

    We provide specific adjustments to improve riding efficiency and comfort.

Physical Assessments and Goal Setting

We start with a comprehensive physical assessment to understand how your body functions. This includes evaluating your flexibility, strength, and range of motion. During this session, we also discuss your racing goals and why you’re seeking a bike fit. This helps us tailor the fitting process to meet your specific needs.


Cleat Alignment and Measurements

Next, we align your cleats and take basic measurements of your bike. Proper cleat alignment is crucial for efficient power transfer and injury prevention. We ensure your cleats are positioned optimally to support your cycling style.

Advanced Position Analysis with Digital Bike Fitting Tool

We then utilise our digital bike fitting tool to assess your current riding position. This sophisticated technology captures precise data on your posture and pedal strokes, comprehensively analysing your riding position. Based on this data, we make informed adjustments to your saddle height, handlebar position, and overall bike setup to enhance your comfort and performance.

Ongoing Support and Adjustments

After the initial fitting, we provide follow-up support to ensure your new bike setup continues to meet your needs. As your training progresses, we offer adjustments to optimise your riding position.

Check out our happy athletes below

Amir Khalifa
Amir Khalifa
TCC Athlete
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I was recommended TCC for a bike fit following some neck and shoulder discomfort after a medium distance ride. Chris and Chris were very professional; providing me with clear instructions of what to expect during the session, what to bring on the day. I felt at ease throughout the session. Clear communication of what to do and what to expect. They provided me with a report showing the before and after. Thanks for a great service TCC!
Mike Washington
Mike Washington
TCC Athlete
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I had a bike fit with TCC. I had been riding for quite a while and never actually had a bike fit. When I arrived I was set up on a turbo trainer to ride, and monitored from each side. Chris was thorough from start to finish. When I had finished riding Chris went through the various changes that needed to be made. All changes were very slight but have made a big difference to my riding in general. I would highly recommend getting a bike fit with team TCC.

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