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Embark on a triathlon journey where community spirit and expert coaching join to bring you a great package. The TCC Family Package is designed for beginners to intermediate athletes looking to take on 70.3 and iron distance events. Experience the joy of shared growth, mutual motivation, and the guidance of seasoned experts.

Introducing the TCC Family Package

Embarking on the journey toward 70.3 and Ironman competitions is an extraordinary feat that requires not just individual grit but also the support of a strong and knowledgeable community. The TCC Family Package is tailored for those committed to excelling in long-distance triathlons. Here, camaraderie meets specialised coaching, each stride, pedal, and stroke you take is fine-tuned for the rigours of high-level endurance events. Join us and be part of a family that understands the dedication and intricate training required for 70.3 and Ironman success.

Join a community-driven training experience with the TCC Family Package. Tailored for athletes who value expert guidance and fellow trainees’ camaraderie, this package offers a harmonious blend of structured training and group dynamics.


What's Included?

  • In Depth Planning Call

    Kickstart your training journey with a dedicated 30-minute Zoom session with our expert coaches. This isn't just any discussion; it's a collaborative exploration of your athletic aspirations, current lifestyle, and training needs. We'll build you a plan that seamlessly integrates into your life. While the plan remains consistent, its flexibility complements your daily routine.

  • Seamless Integration with TrainingPeaks

    Once your plan is decided, it's directly delivered to your TrainingPeaks account. This platform becomes your training hub to view, follow, and track your progress.

  • Unrestricted Online Coach Access

    Stay connected with our expert coaches, ensuring you receive timely guidance, feedback, and answers to all your training queries.

  • Weekly Training Check-In

    Reflect on your past week and strategies for the days ahead with regular coach check in to support you on your way to reaching your goals!

  • Monthly Focussed Group Coaching Calls

    Engage in collaborative sessions, discussing training intricacies and sharing experiences with fellow TCC Family members. With a key topic each month and expert guests too you will broaden your training, fueling and racing knowledge.

  • Weekly Online Q&As

    Participate in interactive sessions, addressing specific training questions or concerns, ensuring clarity and confidence in your regimen.

  • Strength & Conditioning Planning and Training

    BridgeAthletic elevates TCC Family athletes' training with personalised, professional-grade programs and exercise videos. Its intuitive platform ensures adaptable, efficient training tailored to each athlete's goals. This integration offers a blend of advanced technology and community support, essential for smarter training and improved triathlon performance.

  • Nutrition Insights

    Help and support with our resident nutritionist who is always on hand to advise on training, racing and healthy eating

  • Unparalleled Flexibility with Coach Guidance:

    Life and training are unpredictable. With the TCC Family package, you're never locked into a rigid schedule. Feel the need to swap your plan? You can. Want to rearrange some sessions? Go ahead. Throughout this journey, our coaches are just an email or a private message away, ready to provide guidance, ensuring your training remains effective and aligned with your goals.

  • Daily Email Training Reminders:

    Stay motivated and informed with daily reminders, prepping you for the day's challenges and triumphs.

  • Exclusive Athlete Forum

    Connect, share, and grow with a community of passionate athletes, fostering a sense of belonging and mutual growth.

  • Gateway to Members-Only Resources and Forum

    Dive deep into a curated collection of resources, enhancing your understanding and mastery of your training journey. Chat with other athletes and our Coaching team in our Discord server

  • Privileged Partner Deals:

    Elevate your training experience with exclusive discounts on premium athletic gear, tools, and services.

Why Choose the TCC Family Package?

  1. Community at its Core: Experience the power of collective growth, where every member’s success is celebrated.
  2. Adaptable and Comprehensive: Enjoy a structured yet flexible training approach, enriched with insights on nutrition, strength, and more.
  3. Continuous Support: From our expert coaches to fellow TCC Family members, you’re surrounded by a network of support and expertise.


Become a Part of the TCC Family Today!

Embrace a training experience where community and expert guidance converge. Join the TCC Family and witness collective transformation.

1.2.1 Plan Selection

Your journey starts with a personalised touch. Engage in a dedicated 30-minute Zoom session where we'll delve into your goals, lifestyle, and aspirations. Together, we'll chart a plan that perfectly resonates with your unique journey.

Monthly Group Coaching Calls

The joy of training is amplified when shared. Participate in group sessions where you can discuss strategies, share experiences, and draw inspiration from fellow TCC Family members. Including regular expert chats with the team and a select group of external experts.

Strength & Conditioning with BridgeAthletic

BridgeAthletic, an integral component of the TCC Family Plan, offers a transformative training experience for athletes. It caters to each athlete's unique needs and goals by providing personalised, professional-grade training programs. Its user-friendly interface and real-time feedback mechanisms ensure efficient, adaptable training that fits seamlessly into any lifestyle. For TCC Family athletes, BridgeAthletic is not just a tool but a gateway to enhanced performance, offering the perfect blend of technological sophistication and community support, ensuring every athlete can train smarter and confidently achieve their triathlon aspirations.

Nutrition Insights

Fuel your passion the right way. With expert guidance from our qualified and experienced nutritionist, you will be able to understand the nuances of dietary choices, ensuring you're always energised and ready to tackle any challenge.

Unparalleled Flexibility with Coach Guidance

Life is unpredictable, and your training can be too. Whether you wish to swap plans or adjust sessions, you have the liberty to do so. And remember, our coaches are just an email or a Facebook group message away, ever-ready to guide and support.

Daily Email Training Prompts

Consistency is key. With daily reminders, we ensure you're always geared up and motivated for your training sessions.

Exclusive Athlete Forum

More than just training, it's about belonging. Engage with a vibrant community of like-minded athletes, fostering mutual growth, camaraderie, and a sense of belonging.

Why Choose the TCC Family Package?

If you’re an athlete who believes in the magic of shared journeys, the TCC Family Package awaits you. Immerse yourself in a collaborative training experience, and together, let’s turn every challenge into a collective triumph.

Community at its Heart

At TCC, every achievement, no matter how small, is celebrated. Every question is valued, and every challenge is a team effort.

Flexibility with a Guiding Hand

Flexibility with a Guiding Hand: Enjoy a training approach that's as adaptable as you are, always backed by the unwavering support of our expert coaches and the TCC community

A Holistic Approach

Our vision goes beyond just physical training. Dive into insights on nutrition, strength conditioning, and more, ensuring you emerge as a well-rounded athlete.

Join the TCC Family and Begin Your Journey

Step into the world of triathlon with the support of a vibrant community and expert coaching. The TCC Family package is designed for those starting out or seeking a collaborative training environment. Click below to uncover the full benefits pricing and to arrange a free consultation with our dedicated coaches!

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