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Optimise Your Running Form for Peak Performance


Running efficiency is crucial for any endurance athlete. Our Running Analysis sessions are designed to help you unlock your full potential by refining your technique, improving your biomechanics, and ultimately enhancing your performance.

Why Choose Our Running Analysis?

Expert Guidance
Our team has extensive experience and expertise in endurance sports, ensuring you receive top-quality advice and support.

Remote Accessibility
We offer the flexibility of remote analysis, allowing you to film and submit your running footage from anywhere. This makes our services accessible to athletes worldwide.

Tailored Approach
We understand that every runner is unique. Our personalised approach ensures that the recommendations and interventions are specifically suited to your needs and goals.

Performance Enhancement
By optimising your running form, you can reduce the risk of injury, increase your efficiency, and ultimately improve your performance in races.

  • Full Video Analysis

    Recorded from multiple positions to allow for detailed analysis

  • Detailed Report

    Fully Detailed post analysis report with areas of development and focus

  • comprehensive plan

    Fully bespoke exercises and drills to improve your running form and reduce injury potential

Initial Consultation

We start with an in-depth consultation to understand your running history, goals, and any existing issues or injuries. This helps us tailor the analysis to your specific needs.


Comprehensive Movement Analysis

Before the running session, our coaches perform a detailed movement analysis to assess your overall biomechanics. This includes evaluating your flexibility, strength, and movement patterns to identify any potential issues that could affect your running form.

Dynamic Running Evaluation

Your running gait is recorded during a running session. You can film this session from anywhere and submit the footage for analysis. Our coaches will review the initial footage to ensure all necessary angles and details are captured.


Detailed Video Analysis and Report

The recorded footage is then sent to our corrective movement specialist, who performs a detailed analysis and compiles a comprehensive running report. This report includes:

  • Identification of inefficiencies and areas for improvement
  • Personalised guidance on running issues
  • Corrective strength and mobility exercises to alleviate any identified issues

Physical Assessments and Goal Setting

We start with a comprehensive physical assessment to understand how your body functions. This includes evaluating your flexibility, strength, and range of motion. During this session, we also discuss your racing goals and why you’re seeking a bike fit. This helps us tailor the fitting process to meet your specific needs.


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Check out our happy athletes below

Amir Khalifa
Amir Khalifa
TCC Athlete
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I was recommended TCC for a bike fit following some neck and shoulder discomfort after a medium distance ride. Chris and Chris were very professional; providing me with clear instructions of what to expect during the session, what to bring on the day. I felt at ease throughout the session. Clear communication of what to do and what to expect. They provided me with a report showing the before and after. Thanks for a great service TCC!
Mike Washington
Mike Washington
TCC Athlete
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I had a bike fit with TCC. I had been riding for quite a while and never actually had a bike fit. When I arrived I was set up on a turbo trainer to ride, and monitored from each side. Chris was thorough from start to finish. When I had finished riding Chris went through the various changes that needed to be made. All changes were very slight but have made a big difference to my riding in general. I would highly recommend getting a bike fit with team TCC.