Our Coaches

We handpick the very best coaches that are qualified to coach through British Triathlon. We choose our coaches based on their ability to coach and educate their athletes to the highest level possible.

The Short Story...

TCC Endurance officially started in 20?? by our coach Chris Wallace. As one of the leading coach educators in the country he saw a need for a higher level of coaching in triathlon and endurance sports throughout the UK.

The dream was to create a team of coaches capable of educating their athletes to know why they were training the way that they were, to help improve their bodies to prevent injury and achieve their full potential, and to create a more enjoyable endurance sports training method.

Chris Wallace

Masters in Sport, Exercise and Health Science (Physiology)

Chris is passionate about coaching to a high level, and the science behind the make up of an athlete.

Coach Educator & Mentor

Chris is one of the main teachers currently educating coaches through British Triathlon.

Meet The TCC Endurance Coaches

With over 20 years experience in endurance sports, coaching and education, we have a fantastic team of qualified coaches, registered and insured with British Triathlon, who are determined to unleash your full potential.


Chris De Rycke​

Lvl 3 High Performance Coach
Learned to Swim at 28 Years of Age
Location: Buckley, North Wales

Kylie Mansfield

Coach Educator & Experienced Lead Coach
Sports & Movement Therapist
Nutritional Therapist
Location: Gloucester, England

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