Slaying the Dragon at ironman wales

  The race week experience will vary for everyone, depending on their accommodation in relation to Tenby. The expo and Ironkids will be part of the pre-race activities. I recommend attending a race briefing and taking a dip in the sea at North Beach before bagging and racking at the transition area on Saturday. Race […]

Pick The Right Event For You!

Pick the right event for you! This article looks at some great ways to decide what race to select that will give you the best experience possible. Picking the most suitable event can be a minefield. Some people choose on reputation, some on word of mouth, and others go for a potluck approach; however, there are hundreds […]


SMART Goals Its time to get SMART with your goal setting and really smash that PB! Take a look at how being effective in your goal setting can help you develop your training and racing! Most of us do some form of planning during our lives, but how often do you really sit down and […]