Slaying the Dragon at ironman wales

  The race week experience will vary for everyone, depending on their accommodation in relation to Tenby. The expo and Ironkids will be part of the pre-race activities. I recommend attending a race briefing and taking a dip in the sea at North Beach before bagging and racking at the transition area on Saturday. Race […]

Recovery Tools

Recovery Tools In this article, we discuss some of the simple products you can use to aid your recovery without breaking the bank or yourself! Triathlon is a sport of 3 disciplines. It could be argued that you could add three more disciplines between the lines. The transition between each on race day and Brick […]

The Bike – Kit Essentials

The Bike – Kit Essentials It goes without saying that to complete the bike leg of a triathlon, you require a bike. Particularly a bike without any sort of motor apart from yourself. In this article, we will look at what equipment is required to train and race for the bike section. Taking into consideration […]