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TCC Endurance

Our coaches are selected for their ability to coach and educate their athletes.

With our 20+ years of experience in triathlon, we have found that educating athletes is crucial for their development, their health, well-being, and their long-term success in their sport.

We don’t just train you to be an athlete we coach you to make decisions and build on your knowledge to develop you. 

We aim to build thinking athletes!

Our Coaches

With over 20 years experience in endurance sports, coaching and education, we have a fantastic team of qualified coaches, registered and insured with British Triathlon, who are determined to unleash your full potential.

Coach Educator
Highly Experienced 121 Coach
Location: Buckley, North Wales
Experienced Adult Swim Teacher
Level 3 Triathlon Coach
Location: Buckley, North Wales
Coach Educator & Mentor
Location: Gloucester, England
Coaching options


Whether you’re looking for an online training plan or need 1.2.1 help and support from one of our experienced and qualified coaches, we are here to help make sure you succeed and smash your goals safely.

Free Training Plans

Available Through Training Peaks

Running Training Plans

Run Everyday, Return To Running, Completer & PB Beater

Cycling Training Plans

FTP Builder & Gran Fondo

Swimming Plans

Start Swimming & Beat Your PB


Completer & PB Beater


Provided by your chosen coach, they will create your own unique plan for your race that will focus on benchmark testing and improving your weaknesses whilst strengthening your strengths.

We carefully assess each athlete, their physical and mental needs, and lifestyle plans to ensure the plan is safe, achievable and focused for each athlete, all whilst giving you the tools to make your own training decisions.


Join our family with our monthly membership option.
This is currently a pilot and is unavailable to athletes currently not within the pilot scheme.
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Coached Sessions

As well as our 121 coaching and training plans, our coaching crew like to get stuck into the action! Come to one of our group coached sessions or book a 121 assessment or benchmark test to step up your training and stay consistent.

Benchmark Sessions

Our benchmark testing ensures you’re in the right training zones when you complete your plan. Whether you choose to focus on heart rate, pace, power or RPE, our coaching team will monitor your performance and make sure you’re pushing at the right level for each zone for optimal training results.

121 Run Sessions

We can provide 121 run assessments using the treadmill at our personal gym in Llangollen. This can assess your run technique alongside gait analysis; we can also provide speed and benchmark testing.

Group Run Sessions

We have monthly group runs for all TCC members; these are a fun and great way to experience new and interesting routes selected by our coaches in their local areas.

121 Swim Sessions

We can provide 121 swim assessments and coached sessions at Buckley Leisure Centre.

Group Swim Sessions

We currently have two group sessions per week at Buckley Leisure Centre. We have between 3 and 6 lanes and split them across all levels of swimmers, with a lane for complete beginners and a lane for our high-performing athletes. Pool 121 sessions are also available on request.

Friday 6 am-7 am, Sunday 7:30 pm-8:30 pm

Strength & Conditioning
Tri Fit Course

Get into prime condition for race season with our online training sessions you can complete at home. They focus on improving your strength, and flexibility and increasing your resistance to injury.

Biomechanics Assessments

Get an intrinsic look into your body and joint function with a biomechanics assessment. Locate imbalances and asymmetry to individualise your strength and flexibility programme to improve your performance and prevent injury.


Triathlon Retreats

Weekend breaks and holidays abroad, all focused around triathlon.


What TCC Athletes Say

These guys are great at what they do, my wife and I have been attending for three weeks now and the instruction and delivery is on point and they really have been able to identify our weakness' and improve them. Chris and Chris are so friendly, professional and welcome all abilities why don't you give them a Tri 😉
Leigh Mckendry
I only started training to run in December 2020. The encouragement and guidance were second to none and received great advice and training throughout. Can't recommend these guys enough, and I look forward to training for the next one! Thanks, guys, I and my girl much appreciate your help seeing us through!
Mike Beaumont
Chris is an amazing coach.....he is so committed to this sport and has such a deep knowledge and experience of all aspects of the sport. This comes out in his training plans, which are comprehensive, relevant and tailored to the athlete’s progress. Thanks for helping me attain my goals in 2018. Here’s to a great 2019!

121 Coaching Packages


Goal Setting and Planning Call

Coach Emails

Coach Calls

Face to Face Meetings

Coach Contact

Plan Updates

Plan Adjustments

Fitness/Technique Assessments

Strength and conditioning plan

Session Feedback

Session Analysis

Daily Training Reminders

1.2.1 F2F Sessions

Group Sessions




Initial 60 mins (Zoom)

2x per month

Unlimited (via TCC App)

Every 4 Weeks

2x per month

1x remote/F2F basic assessment 



Weekly (standard)


10% Discount

25% Discount

Early Access and discounted rates for development days and training camps

Personalised PLUS

Initial 60 mins (Zoom)

2x per month

1 per month

Unlimited (via TCC App and email)

Every 2 Weeks

3x per month

3x remote/F2F basic assessment 



Weekly (Advanced using WKO5)


20% Discount

50% Discount

Early Access and discounted rates for development days and training camps

Ultimate Athlete

60 mins (Face to Face or Zoom)


As required

1 per month

Unlimited (via Social Media)


On Demand

4x advanced assessment 



Daily (Advanced using WKO5)


50% Discount


Priority Access and discounted rates for development days and training camps

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Feel Supported

When athletes feel supported, they are more likely to believe in themselves and their abilities, which can lead to increased confidence and better performance.

Our Coaches are selected because they know how to get the most out of their athletes, they can assist them to their goals, and educate them for long term success.

Contact Coach Chris to get started